In Neurographica there are 9 different algorithms that we can use to work with ourselves.

Each one is giving us an additional tool to work on our topics and achieve the best results in our life

User Level course

The User Level course of NeuroGraphica is a certified course that gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of the method and use it for yourself as a self-coaching tool.

This course provides you an opportunity to get acquainted with 3 versions of the basic “Algorithm for Removing Limitations (ARL)“. ARL is a tool for solving problems associated with stress, pain, trauma, and other limitations of human life.

The Algorithm for Revealing Intentions (ARI) is a beautiful streaming drawing that allows you to clarify your task without stress.


Algorithm 2 - Neuro Composition

Model your topic as you would like to see it in the future.

In this course, we study the main figures in Neurographica and how to use them properly for the purposes of our topic.

Also, we need to learn the basic laws and rules of the composition according to which we create our drawings

Algorithm 3 - Neuro Color

Learn more about the energy of colors and how to use them to deal more easily and effectively with your topic


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