I'm Diana

I guess someone you trust mentioned my name or you came across some of my videos or posts online. However you found me, I’m really glad you’re here. On this site you can find many materials and ideas that can help you change your life and lift yourself up to a whole new level.


Neurographica is a powerful tool that combines art with psychology and helps us to deal with life’s challenges and through simple drawings create the life that we truly desire.

Drawing Neurographica has a lot of benefits such as:


It provides energy to solve every single life task, which previously seemed difficult or impossible



Helps to enter a state of flow, immersion in one’s activity and determination to succeed


Stimulates vital activity, opening access to the resources of strength and creativity.

How we can work together to achieve your goals in life:


neurographica courses

Learn more about Neurographica and it’s 9 different algorithms


Lasting personal transform through individual or group coaching programs 

Neuro Facilitation

A creative solutions for business tasks and increasing the company’s level of efficiency


Learn how to transform your limitations, fears and anxiety into power and opportunities

It’s time for your personal transformation and growth

Ready to start creating your dreamed life?

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"The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln


First of all, thank you for your time and energy during our Neurographica workshop. I would like to share with you that the process made me feel very calm and relaxed. It was very intriguing and I really enjoyed it. I am looking forwards to our next neurography workshop.



Thank you for showing me this amazing method of Neurographica. Through it I was able to realize a lot. You are an excellent instructor and a coach and you helped me to rediscover myself and create my better self. Thank you for your dedication and patience and always working with so much love and dedication!



I can sincerely say that working with Diana using this method helped me go through serious changes in my life with ease. It helped me to find creative solutions in different situations. Many times I came with a feeling of worry and once I began to draw, adjusting myself to the event and attuned to the desired result, a feeling of ease, answers and extraordinary things happened, not always in the form that I expect, but always in the best way for me



after the neurographica workshop yesterday with you and the other girls, I got inspired about my business today I wrote a great post and I got a lot of ideas (from the universe) on how and what to do. Thank you, you are an amazing coach and teacher of neurographica



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