Basic Mistakes in Neurographica

Basic mistakes in Neurographica?

Do you have the desired result from your drawing with Neurographica?

Are you able to work out the themes you draw on and achieve harmony, abundance or balance in your life?

If something doesn’t work out the way you want, pay attention to whether you’re making any of the below-listed mistakes and find your way to deal with it, so that the next time you create your Neurographica drawing you can create your dream reality.

1. You expect results from only one drawing – this might happen very rarely. In most cases, it is necessary to create a series of drawings on the given topic in order to have the opportunity to work out the different levels of resistance that we have within us and to be able to achieve the desired results.

2. You don’t pay attention to the processes that occur during the drawing. Neurographica is not just drawing, it is a process in which it is very important to observe ourselves and what happens to us and around us. Self-reflection while drawing is as important as the drawing itself.


3. You don’t have enough neuro lines in the drawing. 

There is a golden rule in Neurographica – the more lines, the better because each line is a thought, a connection to others, or an insight that we receive.

4. The neuroline is very straight and does not look like a neuroline – the neuroline is the one that helps us get out of our familiar stereotype and get energy, reach our resources, and touch our absolute and true self, so it is very important to know how to make the neuroline the correct way.

5. You didn’t round the corners correctly.

The second important thing in the drawing, after the neuroline, is the rounding, because it gives signals to the brain that the conflict that was there at the beginning has been worked out. 

It is very important to round all the intersections in the drawing, and after that, if you need, you can stop and relax and continue on the next day, but the rounding process must be completed on the same day as the drawing.

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6. You are drawing for someone else. Like any other practice, Neurographica can only be effective if you do it for yourself, you cannot influence someone else through your drawing

7. You immerse yourself in the drawing and try to make it as beautiful as possible, and you do not observe your sensations, which it creates in you. Neurographica is not art where your goal is to make a beautiful drawing, here it is important that the drawing creates an impression on you.

8. You don’t know the basic steps and safety rules when drawing Neurographica. In order for the drawing to be maximally effective and correctly performed, you need to follow the steps of the basic algorithm and the safety rules.

9. You draw only from free YouTube videos and expect that this way you will learn the method and get the desired results. Yes, it’s good that there are enough free videos on the internet, but the best knowledge you can get about Neurographica and use it for your own needs is after you take a user course and learn all the rules and principles of Neurographica.

10. You are in too much of a hurry or you are interrupted quite often while drawing your Neurographica and you fail to pay the necessary attention to the processes you are going through.

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Neurographica always works!!

Don’t believe me, try it yourself!

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