What Neurographica is?

What Neurographica is?

Neurgraphica is a method that combines graphic techniques and psychological techniques that allow a person to interact with himself, his environment and the world as a whole


The word “Neurographica” consists of two parts. The first – “neuro” – is a set of interconnected cells (neurons) or a neural network. These cells process, store and transmit information. The interaction of neurons and neural networks determines our level of motivation, our style of behavior, and our criteria for choosing a person.

The second part “graphics” – is a way of drawing connections and contours on topics from various spheres of our life (health, happiness, well-being, relationships in the family or at work, career growth, etc.).

In this way, Neurographica is a universal method and our tool for our interaction with ourselves and our own mental states

Neurographica is a universal tool for solving various tasks of our life with different levels of complexity, namely: improving your communication, achieving harmony, building a business, coping with illness, mobilizing your forces, harmoniously organizing your life, and growing spiritually. You will be able to bring these and many other positive changes into your life precisely with her help.

Neurographica allows us, here and now, to tap into the limitless potential of our higher “I” and use its energy to solve the set goals, awakening the hidden power and mobilizing our unclaimed, until now, resources.

By drawing Neurographica we achieve positive changes in our lives with ease and beauty.

* Don’t hesitate to try it too!

* You don’t need to have any drawing experience!

* Drawing neurographica is easy!


For more information contact me, I would love to answer any question you have!

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