What is facilitation and why is needed in business?

What is facilitation and why is needed in business?

Facilitation is a set of tools and practices that enable group discussion in the business to be effectively organized. Literally translated, facilitation means “making the process easier.” Facilitation allows you to moderate the discussion in such a way that no idea goes unnoticed. 

Facilitation can be useful in workshops, when brainstorming new ideas, in seminars and in other situations where active group discussion is required.

Facilitation is increasingly becoming mandatory for a successful business. For the modern leader, it is important to attract and hear the different opinions of team members, find consensus on problems and make common decisions.

The facilitation allows everyone to be heard, participate in the general discussion and influence the discussion process. This gives people a sense of self-importance and empathy for the bottom line. Employees are more willing to participate not only in the development but also in the implementation of the ideas taken because they feel that they have a voice, their opinion is important.

  • Defining a strategic direction
  • Improving the quality of meetings between disparate teams or between team members
  • Improving the efficiency of business processes
  • Developing strategy and long-term goals
  • Improving the effectiveness of communications within the company and with partners
  • Open access to truly innovative ideas and solutions that provide a unique competitive advantage
  • Accompanying organizational changes
  • Business growth and modernization
  • Development of creativity and growth of business ambitions (competencies)

What tasks does facilitation solve?

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