How does Neurographica help us?

How does Neurographica help us? … Neurographica is a creative and therapeutic method that combines art and psychology to stimulate self-exploration, personal growth, and healing. It can help us in several ways Self-Expression: Neurographica provides a means of expressing thoughts, emotions, and experiences visually. Through the act of drawing and coloring, it allows individuals to […]

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How many drawings?

How many drawings? How many drawings do I need to make on my topic to achieve the desired results? It all depends on how big and complex the topic is for you and how much time and energy you need to devote to working out its various aspects. It is necessary to check whether you

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What neurographica is?

What Neurographica is? What Neurographica is? Neurgraphica is a method that combines graphic techniques and psychological techniques that allow a person to interact with himself, his environment and the world as a whole   The word “Neurographica” consists of two parts. The first – “neuro” – is a set of interconnected cells (neurons) or a

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