7 reasons why you don't have enough money

7 reasons why you don't have enough money

You may have wondered why you don’t have enough money even though you work from morning to night, or you work at two jobs, or always happens and you struggle a lot every month from salary to salary. Here I will briefly look at the 7 reasons why we do not have enough money and think about what is the reason for you and what are the changes you need to make to achieve your financial freedom.

Your beliefs about money.

If you believe that money is the root of all evil, that it is a dirty thing and you have to lie and cheat to have money, or that if you are from a poor family you will always be poor, you will always remain poor and money will never become into your life. Our brain does not like to waste a lot of energy and that is why it always acts and shows us everything that is according to our beliefs. For this reason, it is very important to reconsider your beliefs and begin to change them.

You see the lack in your life

The lack of opportunities and money, rather than seeing the abundance of opportunities and benefits you actually have. It is easier for us to live with the thought that life is difficult, now it is a crisis and there is no way to make more money than to develop a consciousness in which we see difficulties as opportunities. The more you focus on lack, the more you will live in lack. Change your focus and everything else will change.


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You have claims against your parents and you cannot forgive them for what they have done or not done for you.

What is important to understand is that your parents gave you what they were capable of, what they could give you. If you feel offended, guilty, or sorry for them, you are blocking the abundance in your life. Our parents and family are one of the greatest resources in our lives and it is very important that we use them properly and be on good terms with them.

You live in the position of a victim and you cannot take responsibility for your life.

As long as you continue to feel that someone else is responsible for your condition, that someone else has to take care of you, money will never come into your life. In this way, you give all your strength and energy to someone else – to the circumstances, to your husband, to your employer, and you stand in the position of a victim and wait for something to happen. It is time to realize that everything depends on you, and if you want to live in abundance, it is quite possible and easy to achieve it, as long as you are determined to do so.

You have no balance between giving and receiving.

This is one of the basic laws of the universe – to live in a balance of giving and receiving. There is no way you can just want to receive, accumulate or vice versa – just give without receiving. The energy of money must be in constant motion for more and more money to come to you.

You do not know how to use the money properly.

What is your attitude to money? Do you know how to invest, do you pay for yourself, do you make donations, do you spend money on training or recreation? It is very important to properly distribute and use your money. That way we will always have enough for everything we want.

And last but not least – look at the circle of friends you are surrounded by.

They say that our income is the average of the income of the five people with whom we spend time most often. What is your circle of friends? If you are surrounded by people who believe that life is difficult and money is even harder to earn, then it will be the same for you, because for one reason or another you accept their beliefs and they become part of yours. Rich people get richer because they have the mindset of winners, and when they get together, they discuss ideas and opportunities and help each other increase their energy and earn more.

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